International Workshop “KGB Archives for Media”

Center for Research on the Liberation Movement in Ukraine together with the Embassy of Czech Republic in Ukraine and Visegrad Fund invites journalists from the Ukrainian, Czech, Polish and Slovak media for participation in the international project on access to KGB archives.

Archives can be an effective tool for counteracting fake news and propaganda used in the hybrid war. Media also helps to promote access to open KGB archives, which keep many stories that can be interesting for journalists.

Who were repressed? In what houses did they live and what did they write in the letters? How in the Soviet Union student strikes were organized and curtailed? Who was behind the diplomatic scandals? How much did denunciation cost? Nymphomania, sex-spying, Bitlomania, Hippies movement, banned literature — in the focus of intelligence there were many spheres of life.

We invite journalists who will be interested in learning how to work with archival materials and create a media project based on them (article, longreads, data visualization, podcast, video, etc. – the format is up to you).

From organizers:

  • organizing workshop on how to work with documents (three-day workshop in Kyiv from 6 to 8 July)
  • assistance with the search of requiredmaterials and contact with the experts who can advise on specific topics;
  • showing examples of various media projects based on KGB archives;
  • organizing visits to relevant institutions (in Kyiv from 9 to 13 July);
  • providing educational materials and issue a manual on how journalists work with archival documents;
  • covering the transportation and accommodation costs;
  • honorarium for media projects based on KGB archives.

Requirements for participants:

  • you are journalist in the Ukrainian, Czech, Polish or Slovak media;
  • you know the Russian language (it is needed to work with KGB documents);
  • you are ready to prepare the material on the basis of the KGB archives.

Journalists within the framework of the project should prepare at least one material (we do not limit themes and tricks). Deadline for publishing such projects – end of September 2018.

We encourage journalists to work in collaboration.

The project has two parts: Ukrainian and international. The international part assumes that a Ukrainian and a foreigner (Poles, Czechs or Slovaks) will work together on the chosen topic. Collaboration is possible between different types of media, so the formats may vary. Upon completion, the material should be published in the languages ​​of the participating countries.

For participating in the workshop you need to fill the registration form(for Ukrainian participants) or to write the short motivation letter with information about your media experience and with links on your publications/materials (for Poles, Czechs and Slovaks). E-mail address: Deadline: June 25.

The project became possible thanks to the Czech Embassy in Kyiv within the framework of the “Transition” program and to the Visegrad Fund.

If you need more details, please, write:

In 2015 the law on open access to the KGB archives was adopted together with other laws from “decommunization package”. Now for working with documents you do not need to ask for reference from the university or look for confirmation of family ties. Copying or photographing documents is also free.